We offer a wide array of both inbound and outbound call center services, that can meet the specific needs of our clients. Nothing frustrates a customer more than getting a response from an automated machine, or worse, someone representing a company who picks up the phone and is unable to satisfy their requests. That is why our quality call center services are designed with customer satisfaction and loyalty in mind.

We have real people standing by to talk to customers, not just automated machines. Our operators are trained to provide customer care and are well supervised. When we do use automation, we make sure it's as user-friendly as it can be. Our centers utilize sophisticated interactive voice response systems, that help direct a customer's call as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Case Study

A roofing and repairs company currently operates with just a few local clients but is looking to expand its business. Currently, the business is managed by one of the repairmen named Chris Infante, and all inbound calls from customers go through him. While he is working, he is often unavailable to come to the phone for customers and cannot handle any high volume of calls on his own. There is no company office for a secretary to answer calls from, and Chris does not want to pay another salary to an employee who only answers phone calls

He came to Start Script seeking solutions, and upon analysis of his situation, we offered him the following services:

  • Quality inbound call answering services that are scaled and priced based on volume and usage
  • Appointment scheduling services
  • Calls are recorded and sent directly to Chris’s phone for review on his own time
  • Outbound call services for advertisement and marketing
  • Phone based surveys to gauge customer satisfaction and areas to improve upon

Several of Chris’s customers began to tell him about how they recognized that their calls were always answered on time and that they appreciated the post-service follow up calls. In addition, the marketing campaign launched through outbound call services was successful in securing several new clients for the company. In response to the new client influx, we adjusted his inbound call services and dedicated more operators to managing the higher volume of calls, so customer service remained consistently high quality. This allowed Chris to focus on his core repair services and take on many new customers without having to worry about all the associated correspondence and scheduling.