Well organized and manageable data can be a great asset to a company. However, no one wants to go through the tedious chore of entering and sorting through large piles of data. Our clients save time, resources, and frustration associated with data entry and processing.

With years of experience working with diverse data entry and processing needs, we can tailor the most efficient solution to managing our client's data. Our results are quick and error-free.

Some of our Services:

  • Form preparation
  • Automated data capture
  • Database production and management
  • Image processing and classification
  • Insurance claims entry
  • Legal documentation
  • Manual data entry

Case Study

A local insurance company deals with a lot of different types of paperwork. Just to name a few, this includes:

  • Bills
  • Claims
  • Denials
  • Requests
  • Receipts
  • Reports

This paper work is coming in all the time from several different sources. The insurance company has to handle one-on-one meeting with clients, stay in contact with different care providers, and make sure information is relayed back and forth amongst all parties in a timely manner. Getting the paper work sorted out and processed is vital to those activities, but is also too time consuming to be done in conjunction with those other responsibilities.

Start Script provided high-quality solutions that deal with every aspect of data processing. For the insurance company, it became as simple as taking the big piles of unsorted paperwork, putting it all through a scanner and sending them to our office. From there, we provided the following services:

  • Sorting out the different types of paperwork
  • Using data capture technology to pull necessary information from paperwork
  • Manually entering data from forms, checklists, and handwritten paperwork
  • Making the data easy to access by processing it into organized databases
  • Multiple levels of quality checks to ensure our results were error-free and reliable

As a result of our services, the insurance company was able to see the following benefits:

  • Relay information quicker to the different parties involved.
  • Quicker data processing times without doing any work in-house allowed the company to spend more time on customer care and handle more claims per day.
  • Fast turnaround times and increased focus on customer care caused a large increase in satisfaction ratings, helping them secure even more clients.
  • They were even able to expand the their range of insurance provision without having to accommodate for the new types of paperwork that would be incurred.