Hiring a virtual assistant is a new, cost-effective way to manage your administrative needs. This digitally provided service gives our clients all the benefits of having their own personal assistant at a fraction of the cost. We still provide a real person standing by ready to handle our client's requests, so they get all the quality and accountability they would expect from an in-house assistant.

Why Go Virtual?

  • No employee-based taxes or benefits provision required
  • Preserves office space, equipment, and supplies
  • Save money by paying for service usage rather than an hourly wage
  • Stay engaged with work while travelling

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

In today’s digital age, the potential for what can be done through a virtual medium is limitless. That’s why the use of virtual assistants is rapidly expanding among individuals, professionals, small businesses and large corporations. It’s simply the smarter, more efficient solution to administrative and daily needs.

Any task you would assign to a personal assistant or secretary can be given to a Virtual Assistant. These include:

  • Answering in-bound calls
  • Phone/Email correspondence
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Typing, editing and transcribing
  • File organization
  • Paperwork
  • Preparing presentations

Case Study

Dr. Michael McAdams has just earned his doctorate in child psychology and is opening up a new practice. He understands growth may be slow initially, and because of the nature of the practice he only expects to see one patient every hour. In his 9 to 4 working day with a midday break, he can expect to see up to six patients a day. However, taking the time to organize his appointments, write out his notes and handle billing accounts takes up to an hour, sometimes two, every morning. This means he loses close to $1000 a month on time that could be spent with a patient.

Dr. McAdams needs someone to be able to handle his administrative needs while he sees patients. He needs someone to field incoming calls, schedule appointments, and handle some of the billing process while he is with patients. He is the only person working at the practice and currently cannot take on an additional employee’s annual salary. Hiring an employee to work in house means he also incurs close to $20,000 in associated labor burdens such as insurance, training and payroll taxes for a secretary.

Start Script’s virtual assistant services provided the following:

  • Answering incoming calls to his work number as a representative of his office
  • Appointment scheduling, organizing and reminders for patients
  • Keeping track of accounts receivable and helping ensure all patients were on time and regular with payments
  • Transcribing notes that Dr. McAdams orally recorded between patients

Dr. McAdams was able to save by outsourcing these services virtually instead of paying a salary to have someone sit in his office to respond to his administrative needs. Paying based on usage earned him a savings of about 45% compared to paying a salary with benefits. In addition, he was able to focus on his actual practice instead of many of the administrative tasks, meaning he saw more patients per day, generating an increased income of about $10,000 per year.